Great Car Enthusiast Garages – ‘with attached house’ !

Anibal Group LLC – Great Car Caves ~ Portfolio BrokerageYour ideal space could be a:


  • 3-car garage
  • 4-car garage
  • 6-car garage
  • 10-car garage
  • pole barn with workshop

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Are you one of Michigan’s thousands of ‘car persons’? Do you hide your Florida cruiser from the hot sun?

I’ve brokered for 3 decades and owned many classics myself. I enjoy the weekend cruise-ins, the Woodward Dream Cruise, Back to the Bricks, etc.

A local 30+ year 2nd generation real estate broker (see orange `Vette photo on ABOUT page) with loyal clientele & lots of hands on construction & car experience. Clients use my great source of hot rod & other car related referrals. Not just a licensed multi-state broker & former licensed builder, I’m a licensed car broker; I’ll find the property you are looking for. The car dealer licensing is to assist ‘Cave’ buyers – you can trade your ride towards a Great Car Cave purchase ! Traveling between MI & FL since the `60’s I enjoy both states and commuting for clients between the two.

Let me walk you thru your Buy/Sell situation knowing the value of a Great Car Space !

Bonus: Here’s some exceptional adaptive use spaces for Great Car Caves, Custom Showcase Garages, Wrencher Spaces, and Daily Driver Showcase & Comfort Zones. Use the Feedback Form to let me know how you rate them ?

All content is copyright @2016 Anibal Group LLC, – 2nd generation broker / In business since 1982.

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