The Main ‘CaveMan: Paul M. Anibal, Your Broker: 

I have a deep family history dating back to 1909 in the car industry & 1970 in the real estate business.Anibal_House_Oakland_University_Anibal-Group-LLC_RealtyNetWorth_Great_Car_Caves_Real_Estate

  • Title: Broker/owner.
  • Licenses: Licensed since `82. MI & FL Real Estate Broker.
  • Experience: As licensed MI Residential Builder & license MI car lot owner.
  • Have built: Homes from the backhoe to the shingles with hands on most every material installed in between.
  • Have owned: Lots of houses. Over 300 cars including what I called ‘classics’.
  • Grew up driving: 1971 Impala, 1972 Electra 225, 1976 Park Avenue, 1971 Orange dual top Corvette, 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette which dad bought to celebrate mom and dads 25 silver wedding anniversary.
  • Anibal-Group-LLC-Great-Car-Caves-by-1976-Pontiac-Trans-AmFavorite ride: That silver 1976 Trans Am out of South Carolina – all original, all power w/ working factory a/c. The Alfa Romeo 168 was a pretty nice find as well.
  • The one that got away: Sold the 76 TA to take my dear bride. The other one that got away: drunk driver took out my dads 1978 Silver Anniversary Edition Vette w/ me behind the wheel…it had 4k miles on it, I survived.
  • Still like to have: 70 Mustang, early Firebird, 78 Vette Pace Car, flawless 89 Probe LX 5 speed loaded to the max w/ moon, power, the digital dash that tells you when the road is freezing ! (would be my 3rd unless you count the 3 twin Mazda MX6s).
  • Family tree:
    • Dad: broker in MI / investor in MI, CO, FL – worked us kids like slaves ! Built his own house at age 35 on the same street where I built mine at 35.
    • Great Uncle Benjamin H Anibal was chief engineer at Cadillac, Peerless, Studebaker, and Pontiac – he had many interesting stories but you had to drag them out of him.

Other Affiliates: A bunch of old people, like me, each of whom I’ve know for 25+ years. Licensed builders, to CPA’s/ landscape designers/ retired FL car dealer/ & a family team of brokers in MI & FL – all of whom have lived in both states.

More ‘CaveMen’:

    • Anibal-Affiliates-Realty-Net_worth-Great-Car-Caves-Old-VW-BugBig `ol Deere Tractors, BMW Bikes, German Sedans …. if its mechanical, my brother in law can take it apart and rebuilt it, change the color; an artist at heart, the paint projects are actually more like art work.  And if it won’t start, he’ll jack it up – toss it in gear – and spin the back tire – you think I’m kidding do you !? Not!  Grateful to have a ‘go to’ person when I can’t diagnose those weird noises.
    • Nephew on the left is now all grown up – can pull an aircraft engine or reconfigure his Mercedes Benz w/o breaking a sweat.

    • Gary I’ve know since grade school. We’d do 100+mph on the way to church back in the early 80’s in dads `78 Vette. This guy pretended he didn’t hear me on the CB radio telling him I’m almost at his house to pick him up! Amazing we’re still alive ! Actually, his car days in MI & FL are Anibal-Affiliates-Realty-Net-Worth-Great-Car-Caves-GF3long and impressive, kept me from falling in the holes back to the beginning of the car dealer auctions, right bro?! He’s a ‘domestic car’ guy but I still love him. We’ve kept each other out of trouble (when we weren’t getting each other in trouble) all these years. Let Gary hook you up with a nice vacation/ retirement place in the greater Tampa/ Clearwater FL area.

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