Free Car

  1. Let me know what you’re looking for in a Great Car Cave.
  2. Provide your proof of funds so we can start shopping.
  3. We have an (buy/sell) agreement, you’ll tender the retainer.
  4. I’ll set up a private online portal for our sharing of communications, doc.s, etc.
  5. Staff buyer literally travels the USA to acquire your gift car. You pick what kind of vehicle you’d like as a closing gift !
    • Domestic or non-domestic (specify brand(s)) / SUV, sports coupe, sedan, XUV, pickup, etc / Stick or Automatic / Other preferences ….be as specific as possible.
    • BEST: Setup an Auto-Trader example search & share the URL with me – we shop for the Great Car Cave its going into.
  6. NEED A CAR NOW ? 5speed-sml-crop Retain me with a buy/sell brokerage agreement. We’ll get you a vehicle. Then after closing you can get cash back at escrow close ! After closing of escrow take delivery of your new car – MI or FL !


Request details before making any car or ‘cave’ transactions. All content is copyright @2016 – 2nd generation broker / In business since 1982.