fka: My Rides

Here’s some of my more memorable rides over the years.

To prevent pain, I’ve not included my first car, a 1976 Nova 2 door 3 speed, as snappy as it was w/ the vinyl floor and AM radio. Bikes are:

  • My first motorized ride, a 1967 Suzuki 120 – age  12
  • The 1972 Suzuki 380 – peppy, comfy
  • The 1984 Yamaha 400 Maxim – comfort/quiet, but was used to 2 cycles.

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Cars were all pretty much spotless inside – especially the 87 Seville, 76 TransAm, and the Alfa Romeo 164 which came with over 40+ dealer receipts right down to light bulbs & batteries.

  • The `86 Corolla came from Tampa: 66k spotless even in the trunk w/ working a/c – really, why did I sell that one ?
  • The `94 Mazda MX-6 5-speed was probably the funnest ‘driver’ w/ more options than the Lincoln Mk8.
  • But I must admit nothing sticks to the corners like the Subaru SVX w/ the 6 cylinder in it. The old family `71 nor `78 Vettes handled corners like this car.
  • The Ford 550 TLBackhoe was my 2nd TLB – serious must when I was putting up new build #2 (in background).

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